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Our Refund Policy

For all credit card users:

1. User waives their right to credit card company intervention regarding deposit refunds, rental refunds, and damage charges.

2. Cancellations made more than two weeks before the rental start date will result in a full refund.

3. Cancellations made between 1 and 2 weeks of the rental start date will result in a 75% refund.

4. Cancellations made within 1 week of the rental start date will result in no refund.

5. If you can not make the rental, and do not call us until the day of the of your rental (or just don't show up), the full amount of the boat will be charged.


Images below are stock images.

Tubes & Wakeboard1353545freefree50
10 hp4 adults125150225550900500
50-60 hp5 adults1502002606501100600
90-120 hp5-8 adults1752503759251325600
130-260 HP8 adults25030045010501750600
Pontoon 50 hp10 adultsn/a30042510001500600
Pontoon 90-115 hp12 adultsn/a32544510501700600
Tritoon 90 hp15-16 Adults300425625155026001000
Tritoon 150 hp15-20 adults350425655160026501500
22 ft Tritoons 90 hp13 adults300425600140025001000
Pricing is subject to change. Sell out and holiday prices may apply. ×