What do I need to bring with me to my rental?

Please bring a valid drivers license and a major credit card.


What type of credit cards do you accept?

All major credit cards, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover


Can I pay cash?

Yes! A 10% credit card deposit is required to hold your reservation. If you pay cash on the day of your rental you will save 10% off the total cost before tax.


I booked a rental and want to cancel. Can I get a refund?

Usually. Here is our cancellation policy:

2+ Weeks prior to the rental: Full Refund

1-2 Weeks prior to the rental: Half Refund

Less than 1 week prior to the rental: No Refund; We do allow rescheduling of rentals in lieu of cancelling.

Cancellations should be done by calling us at 518-644-9941.

Please note that all refunds are less any fees from credit card processor that are not returned to us.


What if it rains? Do I lose my deposit/payment then?

The weather can change very rapidly on the lake, and in the summer it is not unusual to see a couple quick showers before noon, morphing into a bright and clear day by the end of the day. However if there are unsuitable weather conditions in the forecast and you do not wish to take the rental out, we will reschedule to a date more agreeable for you or issue a certificate valid indefinitely. If you decide you would rather chance the weather and take the boat out, we do not offer a refund for early returns. Furthermore, as outlined in our Terms & Conditions, you are responsible for making sure you are piloting the craft responsibly, safely and maintaining awareness of severe weather.


How far ahead do I need to reserve a boat?

It is recommended to schedule your rental 1-3 weeks from your desired date. Holiday`s and weekends sell out.**


How do I reserve a boat?

Visit our boat rental tab to schedule your day of fun on Lake George.


By using our online ordering system, you can book your reservation as far in advance as you need. If it is within 30 days of the rental, we`ll collect the full amount at the time of reserving. If it is more than 30 days from the date of the rental, we require a 50% deposit. An email with your reservation details is sent to you with the rental agreement that you can look over and e-sign. Once you do that, you`re all set!


Are there any boating geographical limits?

No, rentals are permitted anywhere on Lake George, as long as you are following the rules and regulations laid out in our rental contract.


Does the rental price include gas?

Fuel is additional. Rentals depart with a full tank of fuel and when returned a dock staff will refill your fuel tank and the total will be charged to you.


Do I need to bring a cooler?

Rental boats are not equip with coolers, it is suggested that you bring your own to keep food and drinks cold. We do have ice for purchase, so you do not need to worry about bringing ice.


Can I fish off the boat?

Absolutely! Lake George is a great lake for fishing. A NYS fishing license is required to fish on Lake George. We do not provide fishing poles or tackle.


Can we drink alcohol on the boat?

Lake George does not have an open container law for boating. Towboat Lake George has a zero tolerance for driving under the influence. If you are stopped and found to be 0.08 BAC or higher, then you will be arrested for boating while intoxicated. Remember to always be safe when navigating the waters of Lake George.


Do I get a chart?

Yes, a chart will be included in your rental.


Do you allow dogs?

Yes, we are pet friendly! Dog breeds are not restricted, but please be sure Fido is friendly!


How early should we arrive for our rental?

You should arrive at least 30 minutes before your scheduled departure time.


How long is the orientation?

It will take approximately 20 minutes for the boat instructions.


What does the orientation cover?

We will be going over all safety equipment aboard, proper running procedure, tips and tricks, etc.


Why do you need a physical credit card?

A security deposit is required to rent a boat. We require that the credit card be present in order to complete the deposit process.


Why am I responsible for damage?

We are a small family owned and operated company. Unfortunately we do not offer liability packages to cover accidental damage. You can purchase a private liability insurance to protect yourself.


What if there is already damage on my rental?

Our dock staff will go over the entire boat with you and mark down any and all previous damage, as an extra level of security we suggest you take photos of any existing damage to avoid possible disputes.


I am back with my rental, what should I do?

Be sure to return on time! Once you arrive please float in the bay in front of our fueling station until a dock staff member is able to assist you into the dock. After your rental is complete be sure to fill the tank up with gas before departing. Ensure to clean out any debris or personal items when leaving to avoid losing belongings. A late fee and cleaning fee may apply.


I came back and the dock attendant noticed damage, now what happens?

We will refer to the documents you signed prior to departure. In the event that the damage is not pre-existing a certified mechanic will assess the damage and write up a detailed invoice for your records. All damage will accompany a labor rate of $99.00/hour in addition to any parts purchased.